Funke Media Office, Essen

Corporate headquarters of the Funke Mediengruppe in Essen

The corporate headquarters of the Funke Mediengruppe will henceforth be located in the university district "grüne Mitte Essen".

Around 1,000 employees have been working here since January 2019. The newly created environment promotes creative and collaborative work on around 37,000 m2 - designed as a media house of the future.

the house is not only a building for internal communication. With its public media café, service points and event rooms, the building complex offers diverse opportunities for staff to engage in conversation with customers and readers. Light-flooded offices, embedded in a high-quality SOMMER glass façade, provide the ideal environment for creative journalism, future-oriented work and new ideas. Based on the colours black, silver and white, the design concept by architects AllesWirdGut also traces the process of printing - figuratively speaking, printing ink manifests itself here by means of silver stamps on white paper.'*



Facts and Figures


Germany's largest newswall impressively demonstrates at the Tower Building what uses are possible for a building today beyond the interior. The building's own integrated day-care centre stands for an optimised work-life balance.

SOMMER was able to meet the challenge of giving a highly visible statement of the media industry a face with a well thought-out and constructively sophisticated façade. In countless discussions with the architects responsible and the project management of Kölbl Kruse GmbH, SOMMER developed the technical details of this extraordinary façade. The cooperative pre-project planning found its logical continuation in the consistent process handling and with the well thought-out assembly concept. The result is convincing!

The new corporate headquarters of the Funke Media Group offers employees a creative working environment in a pleasant ambience. The shape of the building reflects the company's self-confidence and creates a unique creative working space. The Funke Media Group has decided to remain at its headquarters in Essen, the place where the company has developed and from where the future will be shaped. The clear structures of the building are continued in the interior. A day nursery complements the overall concept of the company, thereby promoting the "work-life balance" of the employees.
In and around the building there are many public areas to linger, such as cafés. Rooms have also been created inside for events. The open and bright offices with a double-shell facade offer a high level of sound insulation and thus enable concentrated work. The unique architecture makes the building seem to float and thus reflects a certain lightness. High-quality surfaces and modern technology make the building a media house of the future. The architectural demands of the client and the designs of the team of architects were excellently implemented by the SOMMER team and developed into reality.

Execution period
November 2016 until March 2018

KK Berliner Platz 1 Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH & Co KG, Essen

AllesWirdGut Architektur ZT GmbH + FCP Fritsch, Chiari & Partner ZT GmbH

Specialist planner
Rache Engineering GmbH, Aachen

Thermal insulation, sound insulation, complex corner constructions

Schüco system unitised facade, Schüco system mullion/transom facade, Schüco system windows, expanded metal soffits, external venetian blinds, sheet metal facade, Eternit facade

Element façade MH1: Sloping corner elements with sloping hem elements; Element façade MH2: Polygonal element façades with interior façade


Slider: krischerfotografie; text magazine: N. Tschinke, K.F. Kersten