Army Lodge, Wiesbaden

Highest security standards 

Special solutions are developed and implemented for the Army Lodge.

Due to the increasing number of bomb attacks in Europe and the Arab world, SOMMER developed facade products that protect against the deadly danger. With our own profile series, architectural specifications can be implemented down to the last detail.


Facts and Figures


SOMMER products are developed and manufactured according to the respective country-specific standards and guidelines

For the Army Lodge in Wiesbaden, the A·T·F·P facade was used, a solution specifically for US Army facilities. The façade meets the highest technical standards and also fulfils various pressure wave inhibiting requirements for protection in the event of terrorist attacks

Execution period

ARGE Army Lodge Wiesbaden Ehrenfels GmbH/d & b Bau, Karlstadt am Main

ICS Offenbach

SOMMER A·T·F·P facade, aluminum windows and doors, steel sliding doors