Fire Doors B·S·T® EN
according to EN 1634-1
Fire Resistance Classes EI230, EI260, EI290 and EI2120

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Fire Doors B·S·T® EN - fire resistance classes EI230, EI260, EI290 and EI2120


The SOMMER B·S·T® EN fire protection doors have been tested in accordance with EN 1634-1 and may be combined with other safety and security requirements such as smoke protection, burglary protection and water tightness. The torsion resistance and compressive strength of the doors is ensured by the galvanized and primed 1.5 mm sheet metal and the door leaf with a thickness of 64 mm or 88 mm with regard to the fire protection requirement EI2120. As standard, a corner frame made from 2.5 mm galvanized and primed steel sheet is used for the self-closing fire protection door with an overhead door closer. Alternatively, block and surrounding frames are possible. The durability of the doors is tested for up to C5 (200,000 cycles).