Our apprentices take second place in "playbizz"

In the Internet round, we initially asserted ourselves confidently against our six market competitors and thus made it into the state round. Our apprentices took an excellent second place here, even though it was our first time taking part in the business game! A total of 28 teams from companies from a wide variety of industries took part in Bavaria.

"playbizz is a digital business simulation that represents operational planning and decision-making processes as a model. The simulated company is a medium-sized production company that manufactures and markets a consumer good - and in doing so competes with other providers both on the domestic market and in export.

The business simulation offers trainees the opportunity to run a company as a "manager" and to deal with the basics of business administration in a playful and practical way. The aim of the business game is to generate the highest possible profit over the course of four simulated financial years and at the same time to ensure the company's solvency.

In playbizz, business basics and connections are taught in a playful way. Key qualifications such as analytical thinking, structured work, self-organisation, team, communication and conflict skills are trained through joint planning and decision-making in the group.”

– Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft