Inauguration of the new prison in Luxembourg

On November 30, 2022, the Uerschterhaff correctional facility was inaugurated in the presence of e.g. the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, the Deputy Prime Minister, the Minister for Mobility and Public Works, the Minister for Justice and the Mayoress.
The Ministry of Mobility and Public Works commissioned the construction, and five years after starting off of the work, the correctional centre can now be put into service.

The opening takes place as part of a modernisation of the prison system and contributes to improving prison conditions. The new prison centre, which was built on an 8.6 hectare site in the municipality of Sanem, offers space for 400 male pre-trial detainees and around 350 employees. As an answer to the requirements of modern prisons, the new prison is characterised by smaller living units and guarantees greater freedom of movement within these units.

This requires a powerful security concept. SOMMER manufactured and assembled around 1,600 doors for this purpose including fire protection, smoke protection, prison cell and shaft room doors.

With its overall hexagonal shape, the complex meets the organisational and security requirements of the prison service. In addition, the buildings are equipped with thermal solar panels for heating water and photovoltaic panels installed on the roofs to generate electricity.