Gesundheitstag 2023

Together with AOK Bayern, we organised a health day in the company last week. It was an eventful day on which our employees were able to find out about various health-related topics.

The day started with a series of interesting presentations on the immune system and ergonomics. Experts from AOK Bayern gave exciting insights into how the immune system works and how it can be strengthened. In addition, important aspects of ergonomics in the workplace were highlighted in order to educate employees about the importance of an ergonomic working environment and to minimize possible health risks. We encourage our employees to exercise regularly in the workplace and, with the help of height-adjustable desks, to adopt different positions in the workplace to prevent physical discomfort.

Another highlight of the health day were the cardio scans and lung function measurements that were carried out. Our employees had the opportunity to have their heart health and lung function checked to identify potential problems early and take appropriate action. The tests carried out provided valuable information and enabled the participants to better understand their individual health profile.

In addition, employees could get advice on the ergonomics of their own bicycles. An expert was on hand to assess the seating position of the employees and to take their individual needs into account. By measuring the sit bones, an optimal fit of the bicycle saddle was guaranteed. In addition, the participants received advice on the right grips to reduce possible strain on the wrists.

The health day was a great opportunity for our employees to take a close look at their own health and to receive valuable information and practical tips for a healthy life.