We stand for diversity, creativity and innovation and live individuality in our togetherness.

Inequality is an obstacle to progress if it deprives people of opportunities. To reduce poverty, economic growth is not enough if it is not inclusive and if it does not encompass the three dimensions of sustainable development - economic, social and environmental. Disadvantaged and vulnerable people must be protected, equal opportunities ensured and discrimination ended.

We promote the economic inclusion of all, regardless of age, gender, disability, ethnicity, origin, religion or economic or other status.

Family package Bavaria

SOMMER is a member of the Family Pact

We appreciate and support family responsibility, which is why we have become a member of the Familienpakt Bayern, a joint initiative of the Bavarian State Government and Bavarian industry. We take the desire of our employees to be able to live their family and career according to their own ideas seriously and actively implement family-friendly measures in our company.

We rely on strong women

Nathalie is a prospective construction mechanic – an experience report:

At school I had the 'Technology' subject, in which I worked a lot with wood and metal and since I really liked it, I wanted to learn something crafty after I finished school. After various internships in a bakery and in retail, I knew it wasn't for me. I then researched the career of a construction mechanic on the internet and thought it was exactly the right thing for me. Since September 2021, I have been training as a construction mechanic at SOMMER.

It doesn't matter to me that I'm one of the few women in the job at SOMMER, as I really enjoy working with men. In general, men and women have equal rights here, but I also want to show that as a woman I can achieve just as much as a man in a skilled trade. For example, when heavy metal sheets were being worked on the press, they first brought in another apprentice, but I tried it out anyway and did it just as well. Now I'm given more credit.

If other women are thinking about learning the profession, I would recommend that they do an internship beforehand. You should definitely be skilled at working with your hands, be able to get hands-on and have no problem with dirt. As a woman, you should approach the matter with a certain amount of self-confidence and demand respect. It's not easy, but I enjoy working with the others because we can also joke a lot.

I particularly like the diversity of the job, as you can do so many different things with metal. Since I like working on delicate objects, I particularly like post-and-beam construction, where I can use my sensitivity – it's like building Lego, only on a larger scale. I also enjoy working on difficult individual part productions made of steel.

I would like to continue working as a craftswoman after my apprenticeship and would like to do further training to become a master craftswoman or technician. I can also imagine a leadership position.