SOMMER – in family hands since 1890

1890 till 1962: Two generations lay a solid basis

Franz Sommer paved the way for the company to become one of the market leaders in façade construction and building security. In 1933, he took over the former metalworking business located in Hof from his father, the company’s founder Eduard Sommer. Franz Sommer began producing windows and doors for fire security related sections in buildings. In 1958, the company took the next step into the future: SOMMER engineered and installed the first façade made entirely of aluminium.

1962 till 2002: SOMMER expands in all fields

There were clear signs for expansion from 1962 onwards. Under the leadership of Horst Sommer, the third generation in the management team, the company’s headquarter and production facilities were relocated out of town to Döhlau and the family business continuously expanded to become an industrial company. New business opportunities regarding building security and building protection opened up with the first major contracts for the structural protection of German nuclear power stations and later the intermediate storage areas in Germany and Switzerland. Horst Sommer provided the crucial input for dynamic growth in every field during these 40 years of his management work in the company.

Since 2002: Extension of the international project business

In 2002, Iris Sommer-Pechstein and Oliver Sommer took over the management of the company as the fourth generation. Their target is to strengthen the company’s innovative capacity in the product and process areas and thus promote the global rollout of the project business. International consultancy skills for security concepts in the high-security sector and the engineering of innovative products and systems coupled with a high degree of production work in Germany are the corner pillars of the business activity. Especially globally acquired major contracts have a positive effect on the development of the business fields façade, building security and high-security technology. The establishment of subsidiaries in the USA and France and a sales cooperation in Russia complete the company’s strategy.