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SOMMER protects critical infrastructures worldwide from outside influences and at the same time ensures that nothing escapes from inside the building into the environment.

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Safe interim storage of low, intermediate and high-level radioactive waste materials

The interim storage of radioactive waste is an important link in the disposal chain in Germany. In the course of the project implementation "Hardening of the § 6 AtG interim storage facilities", various measures are planned and implemented in cooperation with the operator of the interim storage facilities BGZ (Bundesgesellschaft für Zwischenlagerung) and the energy supplier Preussen Elektra with regard to the securing as well as the controlled access of the respective storage facilities for highly radioactive waste

The building openings are secured by our high-security gates, object protection doors and high-security grids of the type O-S-T® Barrier. Our construction solutions are designed for the secure opening closure of new building sections and for existing building openings. Our construction solutions are designed for the secure opening closure of new building sections and for existing building openings.

The design is based on the KTA regulations and the currently applicable SEWD guidelines. Our service includes the planning, manufacture and on-site installation, whereby component weights greater than 25 t are to be realised.

The implementation of the measures for the sites KKW Isar (KKI), KKW Grafenrheinfeld (KKG), GKKW Grohnde (KWG), KKW Unterweser (KKU) and KKW Brokdorf (KBR) is planned for the period 2013 to 2022.

During the construction of storage halls for low and medium-level radioactive waste at the sites KKW Isar (KKI), KKW Grafenrheinfeld (KKG), GKKW Grohnde(KWG), KKW Unterweser (KKU), KKW Brokdorf (KBR), KKW Brunsbüttel (KKB) and KKW Krümmel (KKK), our solutions enable controlled access and radiation shielding of the storage sites.

Our object security gates and object security doors of the type O-S-T®-2 RCX meet individual customer requirements in addition to the highest security standards and fire protection. Special concrete-filled sliding shielding gates (30 t) and object security grids guarantee safe building operation. The planning and design of the security components is based on EN 1627 and DIN 4102, among others. The implementation of the measures is planned for the period 2018 to 2024.

Building barriers, guard houses and perimeter protection

With our building barriers (drive-through protection) and our perimeter protection, we create particularly effective safeguards for access to nuclear facilities.

In addition to retractable bollards, we also supply swivelling barriers and horizontally movable barrier beams. For safe opening and closing, we prepare individual hazard analyses - especially taking into account crushing hazards. Depending on the hazardous situation, releases can be controlled from different connection points without invalidating the special closing and locking functions. The combination and integration of various protective elements, such as our guard houses, enables multi-level interlock functions. We set ourselves apart from our competitors in the areas of foundation/force application, surface protection, signal identification, safety concepts as well as assembly and logistics - reliably securing protection targets!

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