„World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE)“

published on 8. November 2021 09:56

This year's fair gives operators, planners and suppliers an insight into nuclear technology and shows the current state of nuclear fusion.

With a view to future power generation projects, manufacturers, suppliers and project decision-makers are taking the opportunity to finally exchange ideas in person and to make new contacts.

At the vbge's "German Pavilion", SOMMER scores as a special supplier of high-security technology with a mockup of a physical protection grid.

For decades, our portfolio has made us a firmly established company within nuclear facility protection. With the current major projects of Flamanville 3, ITER and Hinkley Point, we justify the trust placed in us because we see security as our vocation.

Our sustainable solutions are the basis for future projects in the UK, Scandinavia and in Latin America.

From now on, our presence at WNE will be an integral part in our schedule!

Security. Solutions. Sustainability.

See you in 2023!