„All About Glass“

published on 11. July 2019 11:19

Glass is of great importance in modern architecture. Glass facades stand for modern design and architectural elegance. Glass creates transparency, offers natural lighting and thus creates the basis for a pleasant living and working environment. Based on many years of experience SOMMER manufactures individual facade constructions, such as structural glazing facades, stick-system facades, element facades, facades with integrated photovoltaic panels (special version) or ribbon window facades.


Structural glazing facades or structural sealant glazing facades are all-glass facades with completely even surfaces and without visible fastenings. The bonding absorbs wind, suction and earthquake loads.


Another type of facade is the stick-system facade. This facade system composed of load-bearing profiles can be adapted to almost any installation situation. Due to its structure this type of facade is preferably assembled directly on the construction site.


Element facades consist of individual elements forming the entire room closure; they are prefabricated at the factory. The “elements” which are at least storey high contain all necessary components, such as parapets, ceiling plate cladding, openable panes and sun protection. In general, this type of facade is suitable for large, uniformly designed facade surfaces.


A special design are facades with integrated photovoltaic panels. They are a special version of transparent element facades. In order to generate solar power, photovoltaic modules are nowadays not only installed on roofs but also integrated into the facades themselves. Therefore, they serve as a protection against environmental influences such as solar radiation, weather conditions and noise or simultaneously serve as room closures.


Ribbon window facades – also called ribbon windows – consist of horizontally aligned window constructions. All requirements with regard to air and wind tightness, humidity, thermal and sound insulation are guaranteed with sealing profiles and building connections.


An internal event took place last week to ensure that our facades are in line with customers’ requests and requirements. Our long-term partner Saint-Gobain presented various topics “all around glass”. The French group with more than 15,000 employees is active in the fields of innovative materials (e.g. flat glass, ceramics, plastics etc.), building products (e.g. insulating materials, plaster, mortar, pipe casting etc.) and in the building distribution sector, having 220 subsidiaries in Germany. These products from the different divisions are used in buildings, transport devices, infrastructures as well as in various industrial areas. In order to get a better impression of their product portfolio as well as the products’ properties also Saint-Gobain’s glass truck was visited.


The requirements on glazed facades are demanding hence requiring utmost care during design and execution. Apart from customers’ requests also technical, aesthetic and economic aspects have to be taken into account.