ITER – International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor

published on 4. April 2019 15:52

A number of high security doors, including 50 SOMMER Heavy Nuclear Doors, will be installed within the largest international joint project ITER – a nuclear fusion reactor with the goal of generating electricity from fusion energy. For this reason, a special lifting and transport device has been developed, coloured in bright red and running on eight yellow double wheels. The device is equipped with two large holding frames which transport the 65 ton door leaves to the required places.


The trapezoidal nine meter long chambers are called “Port Cells”. And for the closure of these rooms we are manufacturing the 4 x 4 m Port Cell Doors. The doors installed directly within the Tokamak building provide overall protection against radioactive radiation as well as high temperatures. This new reactor technology also requires the doors to be airtight and watertight as well as easy to operate. 18 Port Cell Doors were delivered and 10 of them already erected. The installation of the remaining 36 high security doors is expected to continue until 2020.