published on 30. September 2019 09:19

SOMMER focuses on sustainable responsibility!


SOMMER has been a member of the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) since 2 September 2019.


Founded in 2007, the DGNB has become Europe’s largest network for sustainable building with about 1,200 member organisations. The aim of the association is to promote sustainability in the construction and real estate sectors and to anchor it in the consciousness of the general public.


Dr. Christine Lemaitre, managing director of the DGNB, makes it possible to increase awareness of the diverse requirements in the area of sustainability. On the basis of the DGNB certification system the independent, non-profit organisation has developed an engineering and optimisation tool for evaluating sustainable buildings, interior space and neighbourhoods that helps increase the real sustainability in building projects.


The DGNB meets the challenges of the future with it “DNGB Academy“ training platform which qualifies more than 3,500 people in almost 40 countries to become experts in sustainable construction.


With its membership, SOMMER focuses on sustainability in construction projects.


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