Centrum for Integrated Oncology in Cologne

published on 10. April 2018 13:32

In 2016, SOMMER was awarded the contract for the new building project Center for Integrated Oncology (CIO) in Cologne. The project was successfully completed in the first quarter of this year. Based on our own SOKALTHERM® system, all requirements for the stick-system facade and the ribbon windows could be met. In addition, the colored slats, which were designed especially for this facade, were also supplied by SOMMER.


The building is located in the middle of the campus and will offer all outpatient services for cancer patients, such as interdisciplinary consultation hours, outpatient therapies and clinical studies in future. The building is characterized by the colored slats. One side of the slats is painted in shades of green and the other side in shades of red. This is to give the impression that the building changes its color when one walks by.